.WS Emoji Domains

.WS Emoji Domains

Global Domains International is leading the way with Emoji domain names. Emoji popularity continues to grow and it’s only a matter of time before we see widespread usage in domain addresses. The demand for Emoji domain names is so great that we decided to allow text and Emoji mixing. It’s the newest universal language for this young generation. Don’t miss out; register your Emoji domain today!

The campaign was first covered covered by Adweek in their story "Coca-Cola Spreads Happiness Online With Emoji Web Addresses: Domains for every joyful face."

Other companies including Taco Bell, Domino’s, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and Ford Motor Company have run marketing campaigns using .WS Emoji. The Unicode Consortium is frequently adding Emoji characters, mobile devices are making it easier to work with Emoji domains on a regular basis, and we are seeing new Emoji blogs and keyboards showing up on websites almost daily. Budweiser even recently launched a new site promoting a product at 🎉🍑.ws .

We now allow ASCII text and Emoji mixing so the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run and choose the best Emoji domain names for your company. They are great for mobile sites and for marketing campaigns. Here are some examples:

There are currently thousands of different supported Emoji characters. A full list of current and proposed Emoji can be viewed at the Unicode Consortium's website. A quick visit to their page will allow you to easily visualize the ways you can use these unique domains to drive customers to your mobile sites. These domains are particularly well-suited for use on mobile devices where Emojis are predominantly used. They offer a visionary new way to connect with target audiences on their smartphones and tablets.

Don’t miss the ⛵ and register your .WS Emoji today.

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How Do .WS Emoji Domains Work?

Emoji, believe it or not, are written characters just like A, , or א. The cool thing about Emoji, is that each character transcends language. No matter what language you speak, 😁 means the same thing to everyone!

Imagine you want a website about your love for soccer around the world. Just like how you can have your website at www.SoccerKing.ws, www.ReyFútbol.ws, or www.サッカー王.ws, now you can also consider a domain name like www.⚽👑.ws .

But how does it really work?

When you type in a website to visit in your web browser, the name is encoded using a special system called Punycode. Every character in existence can be written in this special code that uses just regular Latin letters and numbers (ABCs and 123s).

So, behind the scenes, a domain like www.⚽👑.ws is what us humans see, but computers understand it as a special code: www.xn--y8hw399n.ws .

Who Can Use Emoji .WS Domains?

Everyone! All modern web browsers and mobile phones support Emoji, and you're probably already used to using them in other situations like tweeting on Twitter, or sending a text message to a friend. Emoji domains work in just the same way: type Emoji in your browser and go!